Andrea Voisard

Image of the cover of International Doula Magazine featuring Andrea Voisard.


What is a Doula?

A Doula is a professional companion who supports people through reproductive health-related experiences. I offer clients non-medical physical and emotional support, as well as access to additional birth care resources. I also act as a patient advocate with medical and healthcare providers; not speaking for you but making sure you have all the information you need to be able to speak for yourself. Unlike midwives, I do not provide medical care and cannot assist in the delivery of a baby. I can however, work alongside your midwife/doctor and focus on providing you support.

What does it mean to be Inclusive?

Inclusive means my services are catered to you. I welcome you to share with me your use of specific language and pronouns that affirm who you are. I respect you and aim to create an environment that is inclusive of age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, and sexuality as you are creating life within you. I am convinced that you must also feel alive, supported and respected throughout the entire journey.

Who am I?

It has always been my belief that we are not man or woman when we are creating life within us. We are both and we are other. In fact a baby, up to 8 weeks of gestation, shows no physical qualities that distinguish its sex. Even then, physical attributes do not define how a person will identify after birth. I identify as non-binary and female as well as other-gendered. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. My four pregnancies aided me in the affirmation of my identity.

What can I provide to you?

I provide childbirth preparation during a couple of prenatal visits in person or virtual; as well as uninterrupted labor and birth support including the two hours immediately following birth. I am also a Certified Lactation Specialist and include those services as part of our time together. After your birth I will follow up with you around one week postpartum. I can act as a connector for you to find service providers, including Doulas, who best fit your needs. For example, I identify as White. If you prefer a Black or Brown Doula, I will help you find one.